Teya Bozhilova

Fashion Illustration Artist & thinker of fresh ideas.

I have always been this girl who just loves to organize stuff and make it look better. My mission is to help creative minds share their ideas with the world. I  work with fashion designers and startups to build eye-catching presentation of their designs.

What I Do
  • Digital Illustrations
  • Design Flats
  • Fashion Sketches
  • Fashion Portraits
  • Wedding Illustration
  • Blog Covers
Ivone Quintalwww.crochetrite.weebly.com

I enjoyed working with Teya, her response was quick, and she saw my vision, therefore
the project got done a lot faster. I will continue to have Teya Draw all of
Fashion Illustration for my Company, and her cost is very reasonable

Carol Thompsonwww.boomergirlfriends.com

Teya has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail is exceptional and she was incredibly accommodating. She is an excellent communicator who values her clients. These traits and many others translate into her outstanding work ethic which is second to none. Teya is an incredibly talented Illustrator and Artist and I give her my highest recommendation. I encourage anyone reading this to give her the opportunity to produce your next project. You will be very glad you did.

Samantha Murdockwww.justusgirlfriendsny.com/

I enjoyed working with Teya because the process was very simple. I would definitely recommend your services because I was extremely happy with the final result and the ease of the entire process

Jane AloyoItaly

Working with Teya has been a really great experience! Her professionalism through out the project, her ability to understand the brand, my ideas and even make suggestions/improvements made working with her really enjoyable and easy. Also, her talent in bringing my ideas and designs to life through her illustrations exceeded my expectations by far. I fully intend to work with her again!

Kylie Saunderwww.kyliesaunder.com

I noticed a few of my Google+ connections had custom brand banners that made them stand out from the crowd. When I found out Teya created them, I contacted her with a brief. From the information I gave her that included: colours I liked, the feel I wanted for my brand and my personality, Teya created a masterpiece. Highly recommended!


I ordered a custom fashion sketch from Teya for a friends birthday gift. The whole process was so easy, I provided photos of my friend, photos of items of clothing and accessories which I wanted customised. I received the final product in a very short space of time. I also changed numerous things and Sketch Divas were more than happy to listen to all of my requests without making me feel like a pest! Good ideas and suggestions were also given on certain aspects of the sketch.The final sketch was amazing, it looked better than what I had in my head and it actually looked like my friend.If you want something unique, something special with first class customer service, Teya is where to go. It will be very difficult to top next years gift! Thank you once again!"


I think it's hard to find a great artist who's also good in deadlines and communication, so working with Teya has been such a relief. She's is a true professional, every email I send was answered quick, and I got my picture even sooner than our deadline! From the first email on, she totally understands my needs. I told her what I was aiming for, and the captured the drawing in a perfect way, and made suggestions I would not even have think about. Not only was the illustration amazing, she went beyond to send me the drawing in different formats and different colours. I was able to make as many suggestions and corrections as I wanted, but that wasn't necessary because she did such a great job. Couldn't be happier 🙂

Vanity Afrowww.vanityafro.blogspot.com

I had the pleasure of working with Teya, not only did she surpass my expectations, but she was very patient and kind in dealing with me. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She is professional & so talented, a true artist. Highly recommended!

Let's work together!